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Receiver Software:

Software for your receiver may be downloaded to your computer, and then transferred to your receiver using a RS-232 port. Click on the Model below to start, or for further downloading and installation instructions, click on the link... (Instructions for Downloading).


Warning: To avoid invalidating your warranty, contact your dealer to have a Fortec Star
trained technician upload software to your receiver. Only a Fortec Star trained technician is authorized to upgrade software. Should a receiver be returned for repair under warranty which has had software loaded or upgraded by anyone other than an authorized Fortec Star technician, the warranty will be null and void and the receiver will be retuned freight collect to the sender in the same condition it was received.

Only the original software and the upgrade software available on this Web site can be used with your Fortec Star receiver. Under no circumstances, can any other software be used with a Fortec Star receiver

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